Dubilier is a leading supplier of passive and electro-mechanical components in Europe.

The Dubilier passive range consists of capacitors, resistors, crystals, inductors and varistors.

The Dubilier e-mech range consists of terminal blocks, D Connectors, audio connectors, board to board / wire connectors, cable assemblies, DIN41612 connectors, fuses and fuseholders, IC sockets, IDC connectors and networking connectors.

The Dubilier batteries range include coin cell, lithium, alkaline and NIMH batteries.


Our Products

Electrolytic Chip Capacitor

Capacitors - Ceramic Multilayer, Chip, MLCC, Axial Radial Electrolytic, SMT, Surface Mount Dipped Tantalum, Box Polyester Film ...more

Leaded Through Hole Wire Link Resistors

Resistors - Thick Film, Thin Film, Metal Film, Carbon Film, Chip Resistor, Leaded Surface Mount, SMD Array ...more

Tuning Fork Crystals

Crystals - Low Profile, Surface Mount, SMD, Tuning Fork, Resistance Welded ...more


Inductors - Surface Mount, 0603 0805 1210 1812 ...more

Surface Mount SMD Chip Varistors

Varistors - SMD, Surface Mount Chip Varistors ...more

5.08mm Pitch Screwless Terminal Blocks

Terminal Blocks
Terminal Blocks- 3.5mm pitch, 3.81, 5.00, 5.08, 6.35, 7.5, 7.62, 9.52, 10.0mm. Screwless, Plug-In ...more

Crimp Pin D Connectors

D Connectors
D Connectors and Accessories - Standard, Dual Port, High Density, Scuzzi, Turned Pin, Hoods, IDCD ...more

Audio Connector Earphone Jack

Audio Connectors - Power Jack, Mini Din, RCA Jack, Earphone, Headphone Jacks ...more

Single Row Right Angle Pin Header

Board to Board / Wire
Board to Board / Wire Connectors - Pin Headers, Mini jumpers, Female Headers, Edge Card, Mini Ribbon Cable, PCB Multipole, Housing ...more

Cable Assemblies Cat5E Moulded Patch Leads

Cable Assemblies
DVI and RF Cable Assembly, Looms, Moulded Leads, Custom Assemblies ...more

DIN41612 Connector Type Q Male

DIN 41612 Connectors - Type B, Type C, Type Half C, Type Half B, Type Q, Type R, Type HQ, Type HR, IDC DIN ...more

PCB Mounting Fuseholder

Fuseholders / Fuses
Fuseholders - PCB Fuseholders, Horizontal, Vertical, Chassis mount. Fuses - Snap Fit, Surface Mount, Glass, Ceramic ...more

IC Socket Turned Pin Contact

IC Sockets
IC Sockets - Stamped and Formed, Turned Pin, Single In-Line, PLCC ...more

IDC Connector Shrouded Latched Header

IDC Cable Socket, Shrouded Latched Header, Box Headers, IDC Dip Plug, Edge Card IDC, Ribbon Cable ...more

Mini Low Profile Side Entry PCB Jack

Mini Low Profile PCB Jack Plug, Sockets, Modular Cable Plugs, RJ45, RJ 12, Round Cable Plug, Hoods, Shielding Can ...more

Lithium Thionyl Chloride Batteries

A wide range of batteries available from standard product to custom devices ...more